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Illustration and artwork


Here is a slideshow of a few paintings, if you scroll further down there are couple of timelapse (speed painting) videos too.

  • "alt="Star Wars ATAT painting"
  • "alt="Lewis Carroll and Robert Louis Stevenson paintings"
  • "alt="pencil portrait"
  • "alt="butterfly painting"
  • "alt="Portrait of little girl as an illustration"
  • "alt="Portrait of little girl as a fairy"
  • "alt="flying horse"
  • "alt="Venice oil painting"
  • "alt="children's painting of a teepee"
  • "alt="russian doll portraits"
  • "alt="super hero russian dolls, matryoshka, nesting dolls"
  • "alt="hand painted tambourine"

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Time lapse film of Fiona painting Venice in oils (and a bit of a ridiculous hat)


Romoceros for the city of Chester's Rhinomania


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