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Novel Wenlock

As part of London 2012's Olympic celebrations this mascot was positioned next to the Oscar Wilde bench on Adelaide Street off Trafalgar Square.

An Art Nouveau book illustration style depicting Oscar Wilde and some of his well known quotes, plays, poems and novel.

Owl mask:
'Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth'
The mask also represents the theatre.
Wilde was depicted wearing an owl jester's hat in Beardsley's illustrations for Salome.

Fan decorated with peacock feather: Lady Windermere's Fan

Carnation: Wilde wore a green carnation

Book: Writer and scholar

Sunflower Cufflink: He enjoyed decorating his rooms with sunflowers

Pomegranate Tie: The House of Pomegranates

Nightingale and Rose trousers: The Nightingale and the Rose

Stars: 'We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars'

Black Arm: Greek, Egyptian and Roman symbols and patterns including The Sphinx, representing Wilde's appreciation, Lectures and study of The Classics. A celtic trinity knot with the Claddagh heart and hands design to represent his Irish Heritage, relationships and religion in his life.

White arm: Roses, mentioned often in his work including the opening paragraph of The Picture of Dorian Gray

Peacock coat: Influenced by Beardsley's 'Peacock Skirt' illustration for Salome

C33: Hidden amongst the patterns on the peacock coat - Wilde's cell number at Reading Gaol, The Ballad of Reading Gaol was published with C33 as the author

Swallow with Ruby: from The Happy Prince

The Moon: Salome

7 Veils of cloud: The dance of the seven Veils, Salome

Portrait: The Picture of Dorian Gray, designed from descriptions in the book and surrounded by some of the details mentioned: roses, narcissus, laburnum, sparrows, daisies, bees etc. The hand of the painter has the initials BH for Basil Hallward. A bee '…creeping into the stained trumpet of a Tyrian convolvulus' Ivy around the frame to represent time.

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Oscar Wilde (Novel) Wenlock

Dorian Gray


Here's a screengrab of Stephen Fry's tweet. I cannot stress enough how exciting this was!

stephen Fry Tweet's Wilde Wenlock

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