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Dickens Wenlock

As part of London 2012's Olympic celebrations this mascot was positioned in London's Aldgate High Street.

A blend of Dickens' characters and buildings in the style of book illustrations together with extracts from his own handwritten manuscripts and an image of one of his feather quills.

Details Included:

A Christmas Carol
Marley's Ghost
Tiny Tim

Great Expectations
Mrs Haversham
Abel Magwitch
Clara Barley & Herbert Pocket (getting his pocket 'pinched')

Oliver Twist
Oliver Twist
Bill Sikes and Bullseye
Artful Dodger
One of Fagin's crew of pickpockets (just the hand.)

David Copperfield
David Copperfield in carriage

Pickwick Papers
Samuel Pickwick
Joe (The Fat Boy)
Sam Weller
Mary (Pickwick's maid)

The Old Curiosity Shop
Little Nell and Grandfather
Daniel Quilp

Hard Times
Poster for Sleary's Circus
Children's faces at window

The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Watch in the river beneath bridge

Barnaby Rudge
Dolly Varden (daughter of locksmith shown by key around neck)
Joe Willet (lost arm in American Revolution)
Grip the raven (inspiration for Poe's poem and based on Dickens' own pet)

Dickens' pet cat named after William Shakespeare (re-named Willamina after giving birth)

Places: The gallows, Newgate Prison, Coke Town School & Bounderby's mill (Hard Times)
The Old Curiosity Shop, George and Vulture Inn (pickwick papers), Mill Pond Bank (Great Expectations), a section of London Bridge, Bleak House (including window of Dickens' study)

Dickensian street

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Charles Dickens Wenlock

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Charles Dickens

Dicken's raven Grip

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