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Todger Jones
Thomas Alfred Jones VC  DCM (1880 – 1956)  First World War Hero.

Jones was 35 years old, on 25 September 1916 during the Battle Of Morval, when he performed an act of bravery for which he was awarded Britain's highest Military Honour - The Victoria Cross.

Jones' company were under heavy German attack, their orders were to dig in and stay put. With fellow soldiers being wounded and killed all around him Jones took it upon himself to venture across no-mans land and relieve his company.

In Jones‘ own words: ‘If  I’ve got to be killed, I’ll die fighting, not digging.'

Surviving a head shot and several exchanges with German soldiers. Jones eventually found himself in the enemy’s trench. Remarkably, he single-handily proceeded to take the entire trench. Eventually 102 men were bound and taken back to Jones' camp as prisoners.

The full story of how  ‘Todger’ gained the Victoria Cross is worth further exploration, indeed, Jones' own account of events is a truly staggering read.