Of Heroes And Industry

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Ethelfleda, Queen of Mercia, Credited With Founding Runcorn in The 10th Century.
The earliest recorded event in Runcorn's history is the building of a fort to protect the northern frontier of Ethelfleda’s kingdom - Mercia against the Vikings in 915.

We placed her at the beginning of ‘Runcorn’ and above the Railway bridge (Ethelfleda Bridge) that marks the site of the fort. Depicted in the style of an illuminated letter from the Saxon Chronicles where this event is mentioned.

The letter ‘R’ is formed by Ethelfleda sending the Viking ship away. The ship is also copied from an illustration in the Chronicles, with the rune for the north star atop the mast.

A strong, female heroine, she was well known for avoiding bloodshed where possible but willing to physically join the fighting herself if needed.