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Sir Hall Caine
Sir Thomas Henry Hall Caine CH, KBE (1853 – 1931) Enormously Popular and Best-Selling Author.

Sir Hall Caine (as he was known) was born in Runcorn, his father worked in the Runcorn Docks.

He authored over 40 books and countless newspaper and magazine articles. In 1897 he wrote The Christian,
it was the first novel in Britain to sell over a million copies.

King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra enjoyed his books and met with him on several occasions.

16 films  have been made from his works, Alfred Hitchcock made a film of his most famous novel,
The Manxman in 1929.

Caine counted Ruskin, Rossetti, George Bernard Shaw, William Morris, and Bram Stoker among his friends - Stoker dedicated his famous novel Dracula to Caine, under his nickname ‘Hommy-Beg’. The bat has been
added in honour of this.